tolbertDr. Tolbert S. Moore is the founder and president of The Gospel Preacher Association. Believing that missionaries are to be sent from the local church, in 1982 he established The GPA to make an effort to help local churches send missionaries to their prospective fields of service, giving local pastors the opportunity to be more a part in their missionary’s ministry.

He, himself, has a great burden for the country of Wales, where The Gospel Preacher Association has had a total 11 missionary families serve since 1982. God has blessed this work and many wonderful things have been accomplished in this land–once known as the land of revival. The GPA has a Bible College in Wales and has two nationals serving as pastors in their own country.

In 2010 Dr. Moore resigned as Pastor and is now Pastor Emeritus of Galilean Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia after serving 25 years as their pastor. Galilean Baptist Church is the home of The GPA. Dr. Moore resides in Grayson, Georgia, and he continues to preach, publish The Eagle, and help whenever called upon. Once again going out in missionary status, he is available to help and say, “Yes, I will come” to whomever calls–as time and circumstance permit.

Dr. Moore is the editor of The Eagle magazine which is published quarterly each year and has a circulation of well over 6,000. This magazine is a mission effort to help preachers and laymen alike and is sent free of charge upon request. The Eagle magazine is financed by free will offerings and has been published in magazine format since 1999. You can read The Eagle on this web site.

Having been an ordained Baptist preacher since 1947, Dr. Moore has always had a heart for preachers. With his vast experience as pastor, evangelist, and missionary he devotes much of his efforts to helping preachers and churches across America. In recent years The GPA (as a result of Dr. Moore’s desire to bring refreshing and renewal to local congregations as well as preachers from surrounding area) has held GPA Camp Meetings in churches in America and Canada. He has also started the Appalachian Baptist Fellowship Meeting to bring together the hundreds of preachers and pastors in Appalachia who make up a great number of the churches in America. Be sure to check the Itinerary section of this web site for upcoming meetings which might be in your area.

It is Dr. Moore’s prayer that God will bless you in your efforts to spread the Gospel in the place you serve Him. No matter who you are or what the size of your work, his desire in establishing this web site is to help you remain faithful to your calling in the great Cause of Christ.